Tila Tequila and Coldplay Used it – The New Secret to Music Promotion Success

I guess by now you know who Tila Tequila is. If you don’t, she is the girl on MTV reality TV show “A shot at love…” She is also a musician signed to A&M Records.

Tila got to where she is now, largely due to her very intensive activity on the internet. Or MySpace to be specific.

Sandi Thom is another musician who utilised ‘the power of online marketing. She got signed to RCA after , reportedly, she played a live concert to an audience of 70 000 people from her home!

Today you could actually setup a show like that yourself, more or less for free, thanks to websites like Mogulus.com.

There are many artists who make a good living from their online music promotion. Good examples are David Nevue and Chris Standring who also spend time educating artist on how to duplicate their success.

Recently a MySpace top artist Stevie Hoang, also became a number one artist on iTunes Japan. I had a chance of speaking with him recently and he agrees that a lot of his success came from the fact that he was one of the first artists on MySpace.

Major artists like Lilly Allen and Sean Kingston all got their leverage using the internet.

Bands like Coldplay and Radiohead, albeit already very famous have been able to sustain their careers using online music promotion.

In case of Coldplay, you could actually say they able to get to the next level thanks to the internet! Who knows where they would be now if they didn’t come up with the brilliant promotion for their single and tour, on the band’s website.

So I guess, despite the cries of many industry members, Internet is now a bona fide music marketing tool. The dust is settling down as more and more people understand the medium better.

The good news is anybody can be successful on the internet! There are many free websites dedicated to educating artists on how to get their music out there.

Who knows, maybe I will write the next article about you.