Powerful Viral Marketing Gifts For Your Online Music Promotion – Part 2

1) Screen savers – these are really cool because people change their screensavers a lot. And they really spread fast if people like them because they are easily exposed.

You can visit for a range of tools to make them. For Mac users you could try iScreensaver Designer.

Screensaver making software doesn’t cost much (usually about $29). Definitely worth every penny.

2) MySpace layouts – Why don’t you make MySpace layouts for your fans? This promotes you big time because everyone who visits their profile sees your band! It’s as cool as someone wearing your band T-Shirt.

3) Phone videos – You know how people like watching little videos on their cell phones. You can easily create little performance videos (or your music video if you have one) and make them available to your fans.

There many very cheap cell phone video converters out there. Just Google the term and you will get many options.

Possibly your phone came with a disc that has a converter.

4) Games and widgets – All right, so this one is a bit more complex. You can create a cool game using Flash (or get someone to do it).

People can embed it on their websites and profiles. If you upload it to a website like you can literally get thousands of visitors to your band site in a matter of days!

You can even be the main hero of the game. Imagine how cool that would make you!


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